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A 25-Year Industry Veteran with a Fresh Point of View

Terri Goldstein has been repeatedly recognized as an esteemed brand strategist and speaker since her early days in the industry when she cofounded I.Q. Design Group in 1995. A brand identity and design executive with over 25 years of experience, she is the CEO and founder of Goldstein Group Branding, where she has re-birthed the identity and business health of some of the world’s most enduring brands, including Heinz Ketchup, Bayer Aspirin, Allegra Allergy and Panasonic.

Terri has spoken all over the world from Japan to Italy, and most recently at the USP Zdrowie Seminar in Warsaw, Poland in 2015, as well as at HBA Global three times, the NLS Food Marketing Summit twice, and the Rx to OTC Switch Conference many times. At the "Package Design Matters" conference in 2015, Terri shared how she transformed Hills Bros. Coffee from a historical brand to a modern national favorite. She is a creative visionary who exudes confidence, and brings educational effervescence to every room she enters. It's no wonder Advertising Age coins her a "Packaging Guru" and Graphic Design USA has listed her as one of their "People to Watch." She consistently shapes the hearts and minds of companies and consumers alike at countless conferences and workshops, through easily digestible and interactive exercises—including everything from real-life applications to fun crayon sketch exercises.

All of her stimulating and expertly crafted presentation and workshop topics weave a tapestry of innovative threads that all lead back to one underlying promise: Intelligence Made Visual® speaks volumes.

Goldstein Group Branding uses its guiding principle, Shelf Sight Sequence™, to create enduring brands. Read more about it here!

Shelf Sight Sequence™

Branding in 5 Seconds or Less

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